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Services - Home Customer Services
Professional Trusted Home Computer Support
  • Affordable Cutting Edge Tech. For All Your Home Computer Needs. Evaluate PC and Make recommendations Based on Your Needs
  • On Site and Remote Computer Support (via Support Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • Support Mac Snow Leopard (10.6), Leopard (10.5), Tiger (10.4), etc.
  • Professional Virus/Spyware Removal and Data Recovery
    • Desktop PC or Laptop Infected With a Virus or Trojan?
    • Call Today For Professional Virus/Spyware Removal and Data Recovery At An Affordable Price
  • Speed up And Fix Errors with a PC Tune Up, Repair and Upgrade PCs and Laptops
    • Will Do A Quick Analysis Of Your Computer And Let You Know If Some Upgrades Can Help You Get More Life Out Of It To Help Save You Money
  • Replace That Old Slow PC or Laptop
    • Transfer All Your Files (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Etc.) from Old PC to New One
    • Build You a High Quality Desktop PC (Entry Level up to Gaming PC) At Very Affordable Prices. Desktop PCs Come With Standard 1 Year Warranty and Great Support (no waiting on hold for 60 minutes to get your questions answered)
  • Setup and Test Computer Backups, Provide Options for Offsite Internet Backup for Disaster Recovery
  • Save Money with Professional Installation of Many Free Programs (Google Voice, Google Docs, Skype, And Others). Setup Free Video/Audio Conferencing Allowing Free Calls Over the Internet
  • Setup/Repair Wireless Networks
  • Never Miss a Sporting Event or Show When Traveling With Slingbox ( or PCDVR Installation
    • Watch your Cable or Satellite Shows Anywhere in The World over the Internet on A Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet Computer. RD Cutting Edge Tech Is an Authorized Slingbox Reseller
  • Help You Get the Most From Your Smart Phone or Tablet Computer (Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, etc.)
  • Repair Xbox 360 3RLOD (Three Red Light Error) and DVD Issues, Repairs In Two to Five Business Days Typically. Setup Xbox Live, Wii and Playstation Wireless Access, Etc.
  • Setup Exciting New Google TV Devices Being Released in October 2010
    • Google TV Lets you easily watch Internet Based TV (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon video, You Tube, Your Picasa Picture Albums, Twitter, Etc) Right On Your TV. This opens up the many free and paid Internet TV Programing for your TV.
    • Google TV also has a full featured Chrome Web Browser to open a windows on your TV and surf the web while you are watching shows, etc.
    • Save money by getting Google TV and not paying as much for all the premium cable channels.
    • Also can setup Roku (Netflix,, etc.) and Apple TV in Your home
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